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On the week of March 16 parents with school-aged children in the Local school boards became homeschoolers.

My son Myles Julio Martin is in grade seven and an only child. If you asked him about the best parts of school are his friends and his teachers. He is a social fellow and quite jolly and caring but definitely a "pre-teen". When I asked how he liked homeschool on week #6 he observed homeschool is a bit more demanding than regular school "but still good". As an only child, he is outnumbered by parents. 

I was thinking about how to include Myles in my work during COVID-19. After spending most of my days talking with advertisers, funders, banks, my office landlord and regrouping to find the support to publish a summer issue, it came to me: a cover photo.

Myles loves his parents, his dog and his grandma who moved into a house across the alley in Fall 2019 but whom he cannot hug or visit during the pandemic. He is also 12 going on 13 on July 1 (for this first time, Myles will not be able to enjoy a huge community party and fireworks on his birthday) so really loves his iPhone and his XBox. He also loves taking photos. I expected a hard sell to get him out of bed and out of the house to take a photograph before sunrise. When I proposed getting up at the crack of dawn to see the sun come up to take a photo for Lethbridge Living, Myles cheerfully replied "Okay." I wondered to myself if he even understands what "the crack of dawn" means.

I got my answer at 4:30 a.m. the next morning. Without hesitation, he got out of bed for the photoshoot. The sky was pitch black. We rolled from our house downtown to the Westside, East-facing lookout Myles had chosen as a good location the day before. now It was night. We could see the moon. I parked the car and as we placed our hands on our respective door-handles to exit Myles asked, "Are there Coyotes in the coulee now?"

Like my son, I can air toward the optimistic. I had seen Coyotes in the coulee on early morning walks years ago but it had not occurred to me that I may be bringing my son to coyote encounter at the break of dawn. We had to walk about 1000 paces into the night to greet the day on the edge of the coulee. We saw the moon, then the sunrise but no coyotes. It's a COVID-19 memory we won't soon forget.

Please have a safe and healthy summer and as our local small businesses rebound, so too will Lethbridge Living.