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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Coutts Centre Arts Festival

Check out our photos from the Coutts Centre Arts Festival on July 23, 2017 in Nanton! 

Weekend Highlights July 21-23

Yet another week has gone by, and that means the weekend event highlights are up!

Weekend Highlights July 14-16, 2017

What do this weekend? We’ve got you covered with these weekend highlights! From live music to Family Day at the airshow, there is a little something for everyone on this list. Don’t miss out! Have a safe and happy weekend Southern Alberta.

Lethbridge Scientific Society

Did you ever hear of the Lethbridge Scientific Society? It operated for a few years from the late 1920s to the early 1930s but little is known about the group!

From the Archives…

Do you know what this object is and what it was used for?

Poll Question: What is your favourite part about summer in Southern Alberta?

by Mercedes Fawns  Summer in Southern Alberta is always so much fun! There's a little something for everyone to do. Especially with mountains and rivers...

Poll Question: What do you think the City priority projects should be in the...

The City of Lethbridge, and Lethbridge City Council, are working through the process of planning for the 2018–2027 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), and identifying capital projects for our city. What do you think some of those projects should be?

From the Archives…

Do you know what these objects are and what they were used for? Are they: Cans of Scotch broth, Ice pack cans or Whisky in a can?

Bus Murdoch and the Fort Whoop-Up Guest Ranch

Written by Belinda Crowson Did you know, in 1954 Lethbridge's newest tourist attraction was the Fort Whoop-Up Guest Ranch? J.N. “Bus” Murdoch had grand ideas for...

Weekend Highlights April 28 – 30

Holy moly there’s a LOT happening in Lethbridge this weekend! Take advantage of these highlights to help you get your weekend started.

Top 6 Articles of the Week: April 21-27

The Top 6 articles of the week are up! Lethbridge has had some exciting news!

Poll question: Too Much Trump?

Ever since the US election, Donald Trump seems to be dominating news headlines throughout Canada. It seems like you can’t start your day without hearing about him.

From the Archives…

Do you know what this object is and what it was used for? Is it a: corkscrew, fire suppression nozzle, or toilet shut-off valve?

Fun Facts About Lethbridge…The Day the Airplane Came to Town

How much would you pay to see the first airplane in Lethbridge? Would you pay more if you realized that we hosted the first airplane flight between Winnipeg and Vancouver?

Of Course There’s an App for That

It seems in today’s world we have never been more connected with one another, and yet never have we been more disconnected. It almost feels like there is an application for everything, from healthy eating to online dating.

Weekend Highlights March 3-5

It's going to be a great weekend. We've got you covered with our weekend highlights, and there's a little something for everyone in the mix. Professional Bull Riding is here, and Lethbridge College is hosting ACAC championships in basketball and indoor track, dubbing it "Championship Weekend."

Southern Alberta heads to the Southern Hemisphere

Southern Alberta will have its share of representation at this year’s World Masters Games in Auckland, New Zealand. Dragonboat racers from various teams in Lethbridge have come together to form two teams that are heading off the Southern Hemisphere to compete in the games.

Weekend Highlights

Plan your weekend with these highlights that we put together. And for even more weekend activities, check out our events calendar. Have a safe and happy weekend Southern Alberta!

Top 6 Articles of the Week

It’s another Friday in Lethbridge and that means our Top 6 Articles of the week are up! And even though the weather is cooling down again, you can at least see what’s hot with our readers in Southern Alberta.

Weekend Highlights Feb 17-19

Happy Family Day Weekend Southern Alberta! There’s a whole bunch of family activities planned throughout Lethbridge and area for you to enjoy.
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