Kyle Gruninger has performed in countless variety shows throughout his musical career. 

A graduate of LCI, Kyle is a New West Theatre veteran and frontman of the international touring metal band Incura. His unique vocal abilities have brought him opportunities to work with multi-platinum producers Arnold Lanni (Our Lady Peace), Brian Howes (Nickelback), and more.  Kyle is currently on tour across North America as a lead performer (Commander Khashoggi) in ‘We Will Rock You’ – a rock musical celebration of Queen.

1) Tell me a bit about why you chose to pursue music.

When I was about 5 or 6 years old I was lucky enough to see The Phantom of the Opera. I became obsessed with the music and the story and would listen to it non-stop. My music obsession spilled over into rock music but I never lost my dramatic theatrical roots. In some ways I didn't choose music, the music chose me.

2) How did you break into the industry?

Growing up in Lethbridge, it wasn't always easy to get my music heard on a national level at the time. A group of us decided to move to Vancouver to see what would happen if we just sacrificed everything for the music. After years of writing, touring, and having absolutely no money, I wrote a song that got some radio attention and through that I met my manager, label, and producer and continued the journey that is being an artist.

3) What is your most marked characteristic?

I have a unique voice. It's a little quirky and strange and I know that. I credit that voice to why people first would pay attention to my music.... I quickly learned people either loved my voice or absolutely hated it, but it's what made me stick out from the millions of other voices trying to do the same thing. I knew that an original sounding voice coupled with a great song was my best way through the music industry weeds.

4) What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Love. All you need is love, as someone much smarter than me once said. I think it all depends on your goals. Everyone's life is different and everyone wants different things, but love is something we all crave. Being around family, friends and people who truly love you is the most perfect thing in the world to me. I feel grateful every day for the friends and family who love me. They gave me the strength and the confidence to go for my dreams. 

5) Which living person do you most admire?

My mom, of course. My mother's strength, her heart, everything she tried to instill in me is something that will always inspire and amaze me. Again, she told me I could do and be anything I wanted. Even when life was dark, and difficult she was the light that always kept me going. She led by example, and I'll always admire her for the things she's done and overcome.... all while making my life the best it could be.

6) Which talent would you most like to have (that you don’t already)?

I would love to be able to dance. Like, I can kinda dance... but I would have loved to be an incredible dancer. It's the perfect combination of athleticism and artistic expression. Beautiful. 

7) What do you consider your greatest achievement?

My wife. The fact that I found someone to love me through this crazy journey is nothing but a miracle. She's my rock and the reason I do what I do. 

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