Lethbridge, Brighter Together: The story and meaning behind the shiny new logo

You may have seen it; you may not have. You might have been involved in workshops and focus groups to help with its creation, or a you might be a new resident to our community and are wondering what the little pinwheel in the top right corner represents. No matter your age, ethnicity, gender or job title, we all have one thing in common…we’re all part of this community.

The story of the community brand goes back a few years. You might remember taking a survey regarding some of the things you liked about Lethbridge, words that represent our community and your overall general feeling about the city. Through that research, one of the findings was “the more people get to know Lethbridge, the more they love it”, and the adoption of a community brand could help facilitate a sense of pride in our community.

The next step in the process was developing the look and meaning behind the “Lethbridge” brand. A design team was brought in with previous place-brand experience and after more research and fact finding was conducted, it ultimately led to the inception of the Lethbridge community brand. A brand that will ideally help generate local, provincial and national awareness of the Lethbridge story.

Visually, the community brand represents the farming and mining history in Lethbridge and pays homage to the relationship with the nations of the Blackfoot confederacy. The pinwheel shape speaks to threshers and drills, but also represents the forward movement of the city, carried by its higher education institutions and energy of its businesses. The colour palette represents the stability and respect for tradition and incorporates supporting the energy of youth and the future. The colours also reflect Lethbridge and the surrounding area. The dark blue as distant mountains, the light blue to represent the bright blue sky and the orange and yellow symbolizing agriculture and the sun.

Brighter Together represents Lethbridge in several ways. With 320 days of sunshine on average per year we are a bright community. Also, the combination of our two post-secondary institutions with an emerging technology, innovation and entrepreneurial community are leading us into the next decade and beyond.

So that’s the history and meaning behind Lethbridge, Brighter Together. But what is it meant to accomplish? Ideally, it’s the glue and overarching backbone of how our city views itself. It’s meant to unite organizations together under a common brand to help move the city forward. It’s meant to give residents a sense of pride and enthusiasm when they speak of the city where they live, work and raise their families. It’s also meant to help tell our story outside of our community, our province and our country to attract new business and new investment into Lethbridge, which in turn will create more opportunities for everyone involved.

Dr. Katherine Loflin, who was tasked with spearheading the Lethbridge Place Brand Survey noted: “The more residents are attached to their place, the more positive outcomes the place enjoys. In other words, loved places do better. Places with higher attachment have lower school drop out rates, better public health and greater local economic growth than those with lower attachment levels.”

Becoming attached isn’t hard and we have so many great ways and reasons to love our city. It’s not perfect, but no city is perfect. Find something you love about Lethbridge and celebrate it. You can celebrate with us September 14th at Lethbridge College and the University of Lethbridge, hope to see you there where we can celebrate Lethbridge, Brighter Together.
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