Jason Trotter of Coal City Design is a Southern Alberta born and raised artist who draws inspiration from nature as well as from history. He uses his background in residential and commercial construction to inspire the canvases he works with. Some of his work can be found in the downtown core, gracing the sides of buildings or inside local establishments. Take a walk with our map on the next page and learn about the history behind a few of his prominent pieces.

What first inspired you to become an artist?

“I guess it sounds cliché, but from childhood I was always one of those students who instead of paying attention, was daydreaming and drawing.  So, I guess it started from an early age. My family on my mother’s side has always been artistic. I’ve had some family members who are classically trained. I suppose it was influential to me, I never took it seriously until I moved to Edmonton where I studied. But it wasn’t until I arrived in Lethbridge that I really found myself and developed my craft.”

Who is your biggest (living) inspiration?

“There have been so many of them… again I don’t like to reference the pop artists of the ’60s but, probably some of the street artists in New York, or Los Angeles in the late ’80s to early ’90s. I suppose my contemporary would be Banksy, and other work of that nature. As well as Twelve Midnite in Edmonton.”

What are your most marked characteristics?

“Well I think my media is definitely unique. The style is not new, but I think the medium that I choose is definitely unique. The materials I use are very industrial, based on my years in construction.”

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

“I think that the city itself has really embraced my work and been very supportive, for that I am very appreciative. And I think for that the city is my greatest achievement.”

Which words or phrases do you overuse?

“Well, I suppose it’s the word I use for myself. The ‘existencilist’. Which is my take on the existentialist. A loose definition I guess is just confirming something exists or reaffirming something exists.”

What do you have planned for the future?

“Well I am really focused right now on my reclaimed and repurposed art piece furniture. I have had the good fortune of working with a number of craft breweries and producing work, whether it’s furniture or murals of that nature.”
Trotter also creates custom furniture out of his shop.jpg
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