12 Things: with Mica Brown

1.       Snow is no longer whimsical. It is now solidified water trying to be pretty, when it is annoying; especially when driving in the blistering Southern Alberta wind.

2.       The old Sears will probably be empty for another year or until Spirit Halloween comes back.

3.       You have plenty of time to accomplish your goals for 2019, since 2020 is a while away.

4.       You are no longer able to roll down your vehicle window, making you unable to get that morning double-double before work.

5.       It’ll be rare to see across the coulee to the other side from Scenic Drive. Those Westsiders.
6.       Have fun finding parking spots downtown or at Park Place Mall during those sales and seasonal clearance.

7.       Construction season will try to start, but with the Lethbridge weather it is impractical.

8.       You’ll always forget to buy those face/ski masks each year to protect your face from the cold burning winter wind that Lethbridge has.

9.       Plus 5 degrees Celsius means hoodie weather for born and raised Canadians.

10.   For Valentine’s Day, instead of Firestone Restaurant and Bar you can always go to McDonald’s with your significant other.

11.   Parking enforcement at the University or College do not bother going out to give tickets during heavy snow periods, even during winter storms. Free parking eh?

12.   Reading week for families to celebrate time together. For those who are single with animals, it just gives you an excuse to stay home or get extra hours at work because half of your co-workers are gone.
Article End