Winter Wonderland: Reminiscing the Joy of Wintertime Activities

Winter in Lethbridge can have brutal weather; however, the kid in all of us dreams of the wildest things that we can do. This may include wanting to toboggan down Whoop-Up Drive while closed during a blizzard to wanting to have the ultimate snow fort building.

On the nice winter weather days that only require warm clothes, we can find any kid within a 100-metre radius going down any slope that is visible or even a hill, depending on their fierceness.

Tobogganing has always been a fan favourite for anyone. Old or young, everyone has memories playing in the snow, building forts, throwing snowballs, eating clean white snow, and any other nostalgia you can think of. Anyone who has lived in the Lethbridge area, or even throughout Canada, has experienced one of these days.

The days are timeless; we never grew out of these winter activities. Today we have ice rinks all across Canada and the city, where adults and kids can go skating. Sometimes, when we can skate outside on a pond or a lake, we take the chance (with responsibility). It has been a classic winter activity since the 20th century, including playing ice hockey on a lake.

Whether we play ice hockey or we’ve watched it, the sport has always been a fan favourite for many in Lethbridge. Either we are cheering on the neighbourhood kids at the ice rink, or at the ENMAX Centre cheering on our favourite team. Hate it or love it, we all know what ice hockey is.

Every winter, the weather changes its mind – it could be mild or very extreme. Either we brave the cold and go forth having fun, or we stay inside snuggled up in blankets trying to stay sane playing Monopoly. Does anyone know there is a Lethbridge version of the classic boardgame? It’s pretty cool.

No matter our age, culture, or where we come from, we can all experience the lovely activities that come with the season of winter, all together as a community, or in our own backyards.
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