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From the Publisher

Dana Inkster - President & CEO of EM Workshop Inc.
It seems fitting that this issue of Lethbridge Living Magazine is about community giving as we near the holiday season.  Community giving includes not financial generosity; but also sharing of knowledge with younger people.  As the publisher, I am thrilled to announce a lot of great news at Lethbridge Living.

This issue was designed by the enthusiastic hard-working University of Lethbridge New Media Interns. This publication is here to support emerging talents as they begin their careers, and residents looking for part-time work at any stage in their careers. Lethbridge Living is once again being printed locally thanks to the customer care from Warwick Printing.

After a few issues with neither a Managing Editor nor a Proofreader on the team, I am delighted to introduce Melissa Villeneuve as the Managing Editor of Lethbridge Living Magazine. Hilary Squires now lends her eagle-eye as the much-needed Proofreader. We’re getting ready for our 2019 25th Anniversary celebrations with special pricing and we are so fortunate that Hannah Heaton, our new Sales Manager extraordinaire will work to promote the great businesses in our community.

"We're getting ready for our 2019 25th anniversary"

The other big news is that the Lethbridge Living Endowment Fund has been launched in partnership with the Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta. Anyone can make a charitable contribution to the fund and receive a tax receipt. Once that fund reaches $10,000 the Lethbridge Living Endowment Fund will disperse grants to local charities. Lethbridge Living is the magazine that gives back. Thank you for being part of this exciting adventure that honors and celebrates the past, present, and future in our community. Check our website for more information.

Our new and growing team is working hard to build Lethbridge Living as a social enterprise that thrives over the next 25 years.
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