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National Candy Month

November is national candy month, regardless of where you are. As October ends there is a slight whisper from the fright, and the delight that increases as December approaches. Interns at Lethbridge Living, Josh and Mica, gathered candy from How Sweet Inc owned by Colin and Carrie (pictured below).
The ratings below for each candy are their honest opinions: 1 being “Never EVER again” and 10 being “I can eat this as a daily snack”; 5 however, is the neutral zone of “Meh”.

Camel Balls
Mica - “Tastes like burnt rubber” 4/10
Josh - “Was expecting more” 5/10

Hot Licks
M (Lemon) - “Reminds me of a margarita rim” 10/10
J (Orange) - “Normally I don’t like spicy things, but this is very good!” 8/10

Bacon and Cheese Crickets
M- “Tastes like a bad sunflower seed” 6/10
J - “Tastes like sunflower seeds, but less salty” 6/10

Cricket Pops
M (Orange) - “I hope the cricket tastes orange as well.” 7/10
J (Grape) - “ You can tell it’s handmade - Flavouring is great” 8/10

M - “Grossly delicious!” 10/10
J - “I like the yellow ones” 9/10

Any final words?
“I found them not bad, the Hot Licks was my favourite. Mainly because the taste was familiar to me. I did not like the crickets too much, but I could easily eat it as a dare for 20 bucks.” - Mica

“Feel adventurous and try them out. I can’t say too much, as everything wasn’t that bad.” - Josh

"Want to hold the 5Lb Gummy bear?"

- Collin Howe, How Sweet Inc Owner

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