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12 Things About Nov–Dec

1. The street decorations are being set - up, making the drive home from work brighter.

2. Stores have sales and exclusives as the holidays approach. New products are frequently released during the month of November.

3. The stores transforming from Halloween to Christmas is breathtaking, making it a true nightmare before Christmas.

4. Festivities are highlighted each week around the city, making the winter season joyous.

5. Fundraisers are frequently helping the local community and other communities in the country and in the world.

6. November is national candy month, making it the right time to set - up candy booths, or even baked goods stands.

7. Pumpkin pie is a seasonal favorite. Pumpkin, in general, is used quite frequently in cooking and baking. Pumpkin is also an animal - friendly vegetable, making it safe for your critters to have a special holiday treat.

8. The morning fog makes the tree look spectacular as it leaves a hint of hoar frost, making reality look lucid.

9. Family time is nicer, especially when getting together for winter events or even cooking a traditional dish.

10. Watching dogs leap and play in the fresh snow, making them look like“ snow dogs”.

11. Snow days are more common, making it the perfect excuse to stay home with a hot beverage and re-watch your favorite television or movie series. Mostly because we can’ t get up Whoop-Up Drive.

12. New Years is approaching, which means new seasons of your favorite television shows will be out. Plus, think about all the new movies that will be coming out as well.b(Objects in mirror are closer than they appear).
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