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Message from the Publisher

"What an honour to inspire a
commitment that inspires love
and happiness. Marriage is
something we can all celebrate."

-Dana Inkster

Dana Inkster - President & CEO of EM Workshop Inc.


This is a very special issue of Lethbridge Living. When Diamonds Bridal Exhibition Event and Fashion Show. Proposed a collaborating to produce this issue – it seemed like a very fine idea. I love weddings.

I was married for the first time in the year 2000. It was a new Millennium and everything seemed possible.

The wedding, I guess it could be called an elopement, was an intimate affair with three guests on the rooftop of a friend’s apartment in Brooklyn and a minister from Manhattan. I knew that I wanted to be married because had fallen so deeply so this amazing artist, I wanted to say the words “I do.” And so we did.

Six years later I was taking vows at my second wedding in my mother’s backyard in Victoria to the same talented artist but this time in the company of many more friends and family. This time the marriage was no only complete in our hearts. This time our same-sex marriage, knot was legally tied.

A few weeks ago I received a message on Facebook. It was an invitation to the wedding reception of to celebrate the marriage of two lovely gentlemen Joseph & Robin. Their union is on the Labour Day Long Weekend and my family and I will likely be out of tow. Facebook gently reminded me that I had not yet RSVPed so I was sure to Messenger the groom-to-be I know best that Annie and I would likely have to send our regrets. I received this in response: “Thanks Dana so much for your lovely message. It would be wonderful for all of you to be there, but I completely understand if you're away due to travel plans. If I remember correctly, one of my first dates with Robin was at a BBQ in your backyard. At the risk of sounding corny, couple like you & Annie are the reason I knew it was time be get married. Thanks again for the well-wishes”. Not corny at all. What an honour to inspire a commitment that inspires love and happiness. Marriage is something we can all celebrate.
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