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Bavaru Events- A Grand Tradition

Chef Alejndro Davila

Photo courtesy by Bavaru Events and Catering.

There are the unmistakable sounds of a big, shared meal: the chorus of conversations, tinkling of silverware on plates, clinking of glasses and laughter. “Food is a big connector. It brings something different to the table, [food] helps us feel open to other cultures. Food is an easy way to communicate with people,” says Chef Alejandro.
Born and raised in Ecuador, Alejandro has always been fascinated by different cultures. He attended both the International Buenos Aires and Hotel School (IBHARS) and Gato Dumas Culinary School in Argentina. After graduating Chef Alejandro returned home to Quito and started a small café with catering. The name of the company was inspired by the delicious Bavarian dessert pastry filled with gelatin and whipped cream. Alejandro knew he wanted to travel more and found work in hotels and restaurants in Biloxi, Mississippi and Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. After hearing stories from relatives about their new home in Toronto, Chef Alejandro began thinking more and more about life Canada.
Alejandro researched and learned his dream immigrate to Canada would be a long and arduous process. Then through established international food industry networks, Alejandro was connected to the Moxie's Grill & Bar in Lethbridge, Alberta. In 2010, Alejandro embarked on a new international adventure and arrived in Lethbridge on a six-month Temporary Work Permit. In time he worked his way up to Kitchen Manager and was entrusted with the responsibility of opening the Moxie’s location in Calgary.
“Work in restaurants is a very demanding industry. I knew if I was to settle down and have a family of my own one day, I would have to find work outside restaurants.” After a lot of hard work, Alejandro got his Permanent Residency from Immigration Canada in 2013. As a Permanent Resident Chef Alejandro had the ambition to enhance his job prospects in Canada so he went to Quebec City to learn a bit of French. When he returned home to Lethbridge Alejandro may not have found a job using our other Official Language – but he did meet his future wife who is French.
With his expertise in the restaurant industry and appetite for creating a dining experience, Chef Alejandro started Bavaru Events and Catering. Bavaru’s offices are located at the Multicultural Centre in downtown Lethbridge. Bavaru caters events like international lunches, dinners, and business breakfasts. They have worked with Burnco to create a Champagne Garden sponsored by The Lethbridge Herald at a Diamonds Bridal Show. They are a community presence at industry events but also create fun community events like the Empanada Festival. Bavaru thrives on collaboration and forged a culinary partnership with the non-profit Soup Sisters in addition to catering events and weddings.
Now a husband and father of two, Chef Alejandro has established roots in Lethbridge and can focus on growing the business he has built. Bavaru’s niche rental of stringed lights for events speaks to this chef’s commitment to creating a whole culinary experience for his clients. “. I am creating an ambiance. My passion is for designing the whole experience that surrounds food.”

"Work in restaurants is a very demanding industry. I knew if I settled down and have a family of my own one day, I would have to find work outside restaurants"

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