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Just Married

Seeing her only sister take her vows really hit home for Chelsey. She is teary by nature and her sister’s wedding brought her tears of joy as she stood with the rest of the bridal party. Chelsey couldn’t help but wonder: What her own wedding would be like?
Over a glass of wine one evening, Courtney and Chelsey started a conversation about love and marriage. In a manner that only an older sister can, Courtney decided they were going to create an eHarmony online dating profile for Chelsey that night. Little did they know this would lead Chelsey on the path to her future husband.
“Online dating is tough. People may think ‘Oh we just met online and now we’re married. It’s not like that. I chatted with a couple of guys,” says Chelsey. In January 2015 Chelsey and Evan connected on eHarmony. As she glances over to her husband, she continues, “But Evan was the one who stood out because it was clear – he actually cared.”
As luck would have it, Chelsey and Evan had a mutual friend. When Chelsey inquired about Evan to her friend, Rachelle was able to vouch that Evan is a great guy. Chelsey is a CPA and was swamped at tax-time, she and Evan made time to in March of 2015.
“It helped that we were older.” Evan begins, “Our party 20s were behind us.” continues Chelsey. Evan finishes their thought with, “We were old enough to know once we did connect that we were ready for commitment.”
After a wonderful courtship they both knew they were ready for marriage. Evan wanted to be sure Chelsey would be happy with the style of engagement ring that would rest on her hand for years to come. They decided to go the Park Place Mall to choose the ring together. They were delighted to find not simply the style of ring but exact ring that Chelsey wanted in October 2016.
But choosing a ring together is very different than being asked the question: Will you marry me? “I knew I wanted [the proposal] to be special.” says Evan. Chelsey then explains with a huge smile, “I wanted to be surprised – but I knew I would figure it out if he tried to surprise me. I’m a hard person to surprise.” For the rest of October and all of November, Chelsey listened to engagement stories at work and from friends and was a ball of nerves. She wondered: When would Evan finally ask? It seemed like an eternity but by December she simply told herself, “It will happen when it happens”.
Looking lovingly at his wife, Evan explains, “She loves her family and she loves Christmas.” His was going to be a Christmas Day marriage proposal. “I wasn’t nervous. We had the ring. It wasn’t like this was coming out of nowhere. I was excited.”
For Christmas 2015, Chelsey’s niece, Kennedy, had been shopping at the Dollar Store with her mom so she could hand out presents to everyone on Christmas Day. As a result, on Christmas morning 2016 when little Kennedy started handing out presents to family, Chelsey thought nothing of it. Her niece handed Chelsey a gift from Evan that was larger than a wedding ring box. Little did Chelsey know, this was the moment she had waited for. Her sister recorded the whole unboxing on her iPhone. The video is hypnotic, delivering the fun surprise of the bride-to-be. Once Chelsey’s confusion and surprise subsided and Evan’s proposal was complete, Chelsey turned to her niece and asked, “Will you be my flowergirl? “At that moment, it was waterworks.” Chelsey recalls. July 7, 2018, would be their wedding day.

"Before you walk down the aisle,
take 15-minutes by yourself just
to gather your thoughts"

-Chelsey Dietz

Evan’s family friends Todd and Kelly Hendrick just happen to own Country Kitchen Catering on Mayor Magrath South. They had their venue and wedding planners. After all the dreaming, all the planning all the bookings and attention to detail, the weather did what it does best: reminds us so many things are beyond our control. July 7, 2018 was a very windy day in Lethbridge.

All updates and questions would be handled by Courtney who insisted her sister hand-over her phone at the start of the wedding day. On their wedding day, the goal was to make the bride’s hair wind-proof. The extra-time required was unforeseen. Courtney texted the groom that they were running a little late because to make the bride’s hair perfect. Message received.

The bride walked down the aisle on her father’s arm to an instrumental version of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”. It had all come together. At that moment Chelsey recalled advice she had been given about her wedding day: “Before you walk down the aisle, take 15-minutes by yourself just to gather your thoughts.” Because of hairstyling feats Chelsey rushed to get to the wedding where their 140 guests were awaiting her arrival. “I didn’t have any time once I got to the wedding – so as I was walking down the aisle, it hit me: ‘I’m getting married!!!!!’ It was waterworks. But I got it together before I made it to Evan.” who was standing with the whole bridal party that included their mutual friend Rachelle. Chelsey’s advice to future brides is “Pad your timeline. I now understand how those 15-minutes to just be in the moment can protect your make-up”.

The bride and groom’s first dance was to Frank Sinatra’s classic “The Way You Look Tonight”. Their favourite part was the loving speeches from family and friends. Evan’s father made the crowd roar with laughter as he hoisted a black garbage bag stuffed full of something light above his head. His punchline celebrated how happy he was because they waited so long to have an accountant in the family. After Chelsey’s father spoke, there was not a dry-eye in the house.

Here is to the happy couple! Congratulations Chelsey (nee Kitaguchi) and Evan Deitz!
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