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St. Patricks Chruch

The First Mass was held in 1884 in a log cabin led by Father van Tigeham. Since that time, there had been two larger buildings throughout 125 years of service from 1886 to 2011.
Plans were drawn for a stone building to be erected on land donated by the North Western Coal and Navigation Company in 1886. The first St Patrick’s Catholic church was constructed in 1887 at 2 Avenue and 8 Street South. In 1888, a bell christened “Michael-Joseph-Patrick” was blessed and installed in the steeple.
Construction of St. Patrick’s Church seen here, was began in 1912 on the corner of 4 Avenue at 10 Street South but The First World War interrupted the build and only the basement was completed. A temporary roof was placed over the basement during the Way. Some forty years later in 1952, the church was completed. The Catholic church bell installed in the first Catholic Church 1888 was transferred to the new building and the call for the faithful to prayer was continued.
There have been functions held in the church besides the Sunday services, one of which have been the numerous weddings. With the amalgamation of all Catholic Churches in the city, the downtown church was closed.
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