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Exciting and Humbling

Marriage is the oldest contract known to humans. Marriages in prehistory were arranged to secure hunting rights, safe passage, fishing privileges. Marriages later were arranged to secure dynastic bloodlines, but marriages now are decided by the people involved because they personally want to have a life together. I attended a wedding about a dozen years ago I saw a commissioner make a ceremony elegantly informal. That was my inspiration to become a marriage commissioner.

The excitement comes from being part of joining two people in a legal ceremony in which they commit to love and support one another for the rest of their lives. They come to this decision through love, of course, and the wedding day is full of excitement and promise.

Being a commissioner is humbling because the result of the ceremony is a document which is recorded in archives at Vital Statistics in Edmonton. That document may be perused a hundred years in the future to aid a researcher in historical studies. It humbles me to be part of history.

Every marriage at which I officiate is special. The people are there because they support one another. The families have hopes for the future and the couple being married are full of joy and anticipation at the wonderful life they have before them.

I came to be a Marriage Commissioner because I like people, I like being part of celebrations, and simply put: I like marriage. It is a great idea and the most important contract anyone can make. Children will grow up, mortgages will be paid off, retirement will approach but the marriage will still be there.

"The families have hopes for

the future and the couple being married

are full of joy and anticipation ath the 

wonderful life they have before them"

Over the years I have been to many weddings, church weddings large and small, intimate ceremonies with only family members, and every type between. The style has gone from embarrassingly raunchy to stiffly formal.

It is my hope that every wedding reflects the personality of the couple being married and that their guests feel part of the ceremony. Being an Alberta Marriage Commissioner is something I very much enjoy and I look forward to more years as a commissioner.
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