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By The Bridge

Several years ago, for our 25-year wedding anniversary, my wife and I were planning to go explore Australia, which has been on my bucket list even before I knew I had a bucket list. I’ve always dreamed of exploring the outback for the wildlife and meeting the people who lived there.
Our eldest daughter announced her marriage the same year and my plans of exploration in Australia were postponed. Though momentarily disappointed I immediately became excited to welcome an awesome son-in-law into our family. Our daughter was living in the UK at the time and so we travelled to England for the wedding. The chance of clouds and rain are almost always high in England, but the day of the wedding was warm and sunny, and our daughter looked beautiful.
We have been fortunate to have been able to travel extensively with both our daughters and decided to explore Ireland since we were out in that area of the world anyway. Our daughter and her new husband had just finished paying for a wedding and asked to come along. This was the start of what we dubbed a “familymoon.”
With the wedding celebrations done we all set off to Ireland for two weeks. It was so much fun as we had both daughters, a new son-in-law and several friends of our daughters who had also travelled for the wedding. If you have never been to Ireland I highly recommend it. The grass is so lush, green and filled with wild flowers. Around every corner of the small winding roads was another picturesque view of the ocean or cliffs or castle, often shrouded in a misty rain.
We passed by countless pastures, marked by stone fencing that crisscrossed for miles, and often filled with sheep. We drove by farmyards with Stone houses and barns covered by thatched roofs. We explored some of the ruins of very old castles and monasteries amazed at the ancient history.

" With the wedding 

celebrations done we all set 

off to Ireland for two weeks"

We sampled the food and enjoyed the pubs and the people and music that filled them. I can safely say that each one of us have fond memories of the “familymoon.”
I often find myself reflecting on life while sitting back in my rocking chair, on the front stoop of my home. If I can leave you with any advice about having a long and healthy marriage, it’s to always have great communication, appreciate and acknowledge everything he/she does for you and ensure you and your significant other are committed to “travelling in the same direction” when it comes to important life decisions. Life is about creating memories and enjoying the journey to the end.
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