BraveRock Chronicles Reflections on Storytelling from Hollywood

Born and raised in Blackfoot country I attended school in Cardston, Fort McLeod, Lethbridge, and Calgary. I am unrelentingly proud to be from the Blood Tribe of Southern Alberta. The world best knows me for my role as “Chief” in DC Comics “Wonder Woman” where I was given the honour to share my language with the world. My name is Eugene Brave Rock.

I have had the opportunity to live and work around the world in places like Paris, London, Hungary, Australia, as well as numerous places here on Turtle Island I am so blessed to be apart of award-winning television and feature films shot here in Southern Alberta that display to the world the beauty of our home. The film industry has allowed me to be a storyteller. A contemporary way of carrying on a sacred oral tradition. Storytelling is one of our oldest traditions.

Singing, dancing, riding horses, speaking our language and having long hair have taken me around the world. You don’t have to lose traditional values to succeed.

In researching Blackfoot language I have come to know that the meaning of words could take days to explain.

Everything in Blackfoot culture has its purpose, place and symbiotic rhythm. Giving it a sacredness so that it is not to be misused, abused or taken for granted.
I am grateful to be a part of the Blackfoot language Revival, which I feel a deep connection and a true calling to continue throughout my life. What could be more important than the protection of our language? Something many tried to take from us, but we all have a duty to ensure it shall never be lost. The revival of our language is the incorporation of syllabics to learn the language along with the hallowed stories from our elders. I am elated to announce the Blackfoot language app launching this spring called, the "Blackfoot Language Revival" app.

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