Lethbridge Living magazine tells stories about the people who make the Lethbridge community a vibrant place to play, work and live.

Here are the Top Reasons to include Lethbridge Living in your marketing plan:

  1. Lethbridge Living is produced by Lethbridge writers, photographers, illustrators, and graphic designers.
  2. Everything we do is locally focused, including employing local people to put each issue together and distribute it.
  3. Lethbridge Living helps define our city.
  4. Readers and advertisers trust the Lethbridge Living brand to promote and discuss our city, its businesses, and people in an objective and thorough manner.
  5. We’ve been publishing since 1994 which makes us the longest publishing magazine in Lethbridge.
  6. Because we value our readers and our advertisers, we have applied for and attained professional association designation with the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association, and are required to maintain a high-quality standard in our story methodology and delivery.

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