Taking a Stand Against Impaired Driving


    Each year, Alberta Transportation and the Office of Traffic Safety designates the month of December as Impaired Driving Awareness Month.

    Everyone knows impaired driving is dangerous and presents a serious public health risk to all on the road, yet each year hundreds of people are still being killed and tens of thousands are injured in impaired driving collisions.

    So what can be done to help prevent such tragedy? Children and youth can take part in the annual Liquor Bag Campaign where they artistically encourage the public to celebrate safely this holiday season.

    Students against Drinking and Driving (SADD) Alberta, in partnership with Alberta Health Services, various schools across southwest Alberta, and other community agencies, has developed a liquor bag campaign where students of all ages use their artistic abilities to promote a serious message regarding the dangers of impaired driving.

    The decorated bags are distributed to local liquor stores where they are handed out with each purchase. The benefit is twofold: children and youth are learning about responsible decision making and the public is becoming more aware of the issue, reminding them of the harms of impaired driving. It is a comprehensive and impactful campaign hoping to prevent injuries and deaths and to evoke an emotional response since kids are the ones delivering the message.

    Here’s what last year’s design winner had to say about the campaign: “Participating in the liquor bag campaign has been a great opportunity. I created my bag in hope of having a positive effect on one’s decision to not drink and drive. When you make the decision to drive under the influence of alcohol you are not only putting yourself at risk but also those around you. Understanding the consequences of drunk driving is important and can save lives.”

    Last year, Over 65,000 personalized liquor bags were used across the province at participating liquor stores over the 2016 Christmas holiday season and we hope that this year will be an even bigger success.

    Thank you to all of the schools, students, community organizers, liquor stores and sponsors who supported the campaign  and took a stand together against drinking and driving. http://www.saddalberta.com/index.php/liquor-bag-campaign/2016-contest-winners

    For more information on SADD or how you or your local school can become involved in the liquor bag campaign please visit: www.saddalberta.com

    Courtnay Epp is a Health Promotions Facilitator for Alberta Health Services in the South Zone. She can be reached by e-mail: [email protected]


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