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Written by Courtney Green, Galt Museum Collections Volunteer  

Do you know what this object is and what is was used for? 

Is it a(n):
A) Old Clothing Press
B) Sheeter Moulder
c) Pasta Maker

If you guessed sheeter moulder, you’re right!

Sheeter Moulder, 1945 – 1995

This piece of equipment is called a Sheeter Moulder or a roll feeder. It features an electric generator and two sets of rollers, one rubber and one wood, bolted on top of a rectangular metal base. Power to the machine is engaged by a foot pedal connected to the generator.

This moulder was offered to the Galt Museum & Archives by Parrish & Heimbecker Ltd., owners of the local “Ellison’s Flour Mill”. Its use was for quality control, ensuring that the quality of the product was safe, and that it was milled and processed the way bakers and customers liked. In an interview with museum staff, Nick Turko, a former Quality Control Manager, outlined the process of quality control in the lab at the mill. “We would check the samples in the morning… we would weigh so much flour to test the batch of flour we produced, and we would mix this up into a dough ball with yeast and water, and we’d let it rise. Once it rose, we would flatten it and we would run it through the Sheeter Moulder,” said Turko. After the Bread was done in the oven they would be able to examine the flour in the bread for strength, size, colour, and flavour.

Although Turko stated that the sheeter moulder was a small part of Ellison Flour Mills’ operation, the technology has been used in baking establishments for generations, is still used to this day, and is a very important step in the making of baked goods which are consumed across the world daily

Collection of the Galt Museum & Archives, P20150002000


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