Joining Forces for Christmas 2017


    Because we share clientele, our organizations are planning to work together to serve over 1800 households this Christmas, making the most of our resources and eliminating the duplication of services.

    PARTNERSHIP – Lethbridge Food Bank, Interfaith Food Bank and the Salvation Army have committed to jointly serving a projected 1800 households this Christmas, which we are estimating will assist 2300 adults and 2000 children. We have also committed to sharing the resources and expenses associated with serving our joint clientele, and will share the task of informing community members of our joint effort.

    CHRISTMAS HAMPERS – We will have 3 standard sizes of Christmas Hampers that contain the same food stock regardless of which agency they are distributed from. We pack hampers at each location, and will share stock to accommodate all needs for all clients. See wanted food items below.

    TOY BUNDLES – Salvation Army will distribute all toys to families with children 17 and under. We expect to provide toys for 2000 children. Clients that require toys will be registered at the food banks, and will be provided with a pick-up slip indicating when they can pick up toys from the Salvation Army.

    REGISTRATION – Registration will begin on Wednesday, November 1st and will follow the same process as our regular monthly registrations. Clients can register anytime in November at their regular location, preferably when they access their November Hamper. If not already on file with agencies, clients must be able to provide the following:

    • Photo ID and Alberta Health Care Cards
    • Names and birthdates/ages of adults and children in the household
    • Proof of Address
    • Proof of Income (including source and amount).

    DISTRIBUTION – Food Hampers will be distributed through the same process used for regular monthly hampers. Clients will show their registration card at the pickup location, and will be issued the one standard Christmas Hamper, which includes food for December and additional supplies for Christmas. All Toy Bundles will be distributed at the Salvation Army on assigned pick up days.


    • November 1st, 10AM Joint Christmas Media Kick-Off at Salvation Army
    • November 1st Christmas Registration Begins o December 1st – 8th Bread and Produce Only at Food Banks
    • December 11th – 21st Hamper Distribution at Food Banks
    • Toy Distribution at SA – December 18th – 21st o IFB Closed December 22nd, opening again on January 2nd
    • LFB OPEN December 22nd, but closed December 23rd, opening again on January 2nd
    • SA Closed December 22nd, opening again on January 2nd
    • We will post Special Christmas Hours:
      • IFB will remain open in the afternoon of Friday, December 15th
      • LFB will remain open on the afternoons of Wednesday December 13th and 20th
      • IFB will be open 9am – 1pm on Saturday December 2nd, 9th and 16th for Donors and Thrift Store only, no client intake on these Saturdays, though Adoption pick ups MAY be scheduled.

    PROMOTION – We will issue joint press releases on our joint letterhead to inform the community of our Christmas registration, donation recruitment and distribution. We appreciate local media working with us to encourage coverage of all 3 agencies.

    • First press release will be to inform the community that we will again be working together to serve our community this Christmas. We will call a press conference to “KICK OFF” the Christmas campaign on Wednesday, November 1st and announce the website.
    • Second press release will be to inform clients of registration process and encourage community members to begin collecting food and funds to contribute to the campaign.
    • Additional joint press releases will be issued to keep the community informed of our progress, and at the end of the campaign, we will issue a joint press release to inform the community of how we were able to support those less fortunate through our joint efforts. will feature updates on our progress in collecting food stocks, and will provide links to each of our agency websites. While the website will encourage the community to contribute to the campaign, we will encourage donors to contribute to any of the 3 agencies, or to existing collections within the community (support one, support all). We will also list information about Christmas programs being offered by other agencies in the community on our website, as we have tried to collaborate as much as possible with all agencies that are trying to make a Merry Christmas for everyone.

    FOOD STOCK AND SUPPLIES – We are planning to recruit enough food stock to serve 1800 households. We have been stockpiling some items for Christmas Hampers already, however additional support will be required from the community by means of food donations and financial gifts. Wherever possible, we will try to acquire supplies at no cost to our agencies. To meet demand, we have acknowledged that purchases will be necessary, and that we will jointly review costing to determine exactly what will be purchased.

    STANDARD HAMPER ITEMS – Most Wanted List

    Turkey / Ham / Chicken / Canned Vegetables / Cranberry Sauce / Stuffing Mix / Canned Meat / Fish / Peanut Butter / Jam / Cereal ‘ Dry Pasta / Pasta Sauce / Baby Food / Canned Soup / Canned Fruit / Pork & Beans / Macaroni & Cheese /  Instant Noodles / Ichiban / Chili / Canned Pasta / Cake Mix / Pancake Mix / Pudding Mix / Jello Mix / Coffee / Tea / Hot Chocolate Mix / Chocolates / Candies / Candy Canes / Juice / Meat Vouchers / Gift Cards / Toys for children 17 & Under

    INDIVIDUAL AGENCY FUNDRAISING – Each agency will continue to fund-raise as per usual, we will be sure to acknowledge our joint efforts and collaboration with partner agencies for Christmas distribution. While we are working together on this Christmas Project, we still have requirements to meet on an individual organization basis. Food and Cash donations should be made to the donor’s charity of choice, or a combination of the three.

    INFORMATION FOR DONORS – Tax receipts can be issued for all cash contributions and food donations. To request a tax receipt for Non-Food Items (eg. Toys), please provide proof of purchase. If you are planning a party or event and would like to include a food or toy collection at your function, contact any of our three agencies to make arrangements. Opportunities for corporate gifts and support are also available.


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