Lethbridge Chamber asks the Government of Alberta to support Small-scale Renewable Electricity Projects


    The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce is asking the Provincial government to create a program to support small-scale renewable electricity generators. In 2016, the Government of Alberta announced its approval of the AESO’s (Alberta’s Electricity System Operator) recommendation to move the provincial electrical system from an Energy Only Market (EOM) to a Capacity Market (CM). A capacity market guarantees an adequate supply of electricity to meet the province’s demand while developing an energy grid that is more reliable and diverse.

    The largest barrier to achieving this is the low price of electricity, which is great for consumers, but deters investment – especially for innovative small-scale projects. Investing in a small-scale energy system will not only open doors for small-scale producers to grow and branch out, but also enable the creation of new local jobs and a diversified economy with less environmental impact than the old energy system, while contributing to the realization of a diverse and reliable Capacity Market.

    “There are real economic opportunities for Lethbridge to expand its involvement in the clean-energy sector, and this small-scale electricity program could encourage new and existing business growth, new jobs, innovations, and collaborative projects in our region.”- Ryan Miller, President of the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce.

    “A Small-scale electricity program that invests in new projects would grow business and contribute to diversifying Alberta’s energy market. It’s a smart investment that is likely to yield very positive long-term returns.” – Karla Pyrch, Executive Director of the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce

    An example of one such producer is our own Lethbridge BioGas. The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce recommends that the Government of Alberta fund this initiative through the Climate Leadership Plan.

    For more information, please call Karla Pyrch at the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce and refer to the enclosed Policy: Small Scale Renewable Energy

    The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce
    The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce is The Voice of Business, promoting and enhancing a healthy economic and social environment in our region by serving the interests of business. We represent over 760 businesses and over 10,000 employees in the Lethbridge area.


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