27th Annual Kids Against Hunger Campaign


    During the month of October, youth groups throughout Lethbridge and surrounding areas will join forces to help feed those in need in our communities. Young people from churches, schools, clubs and teams will canvas the homes in an assigned area on behalf of the Interfaith Food Bank in efforts to help us stock our shelves for the winter. Food stocks are low, and demand will rise with the colder months ahead.

    Participating groups will be provided with nametags, flyers, and assigned a specific area of the city in which to collect food items on behalf of Interfaith Food Bank. Food collection dates will be arranged by each organization, as it best suits group scheduling; and delivery of collected food items to Interfaith can also be arranged for a time that works best for your organization.

    To involve your group/organization:
    1. Contact Robyn at Interfaith Food Bank at 403-320-8779 or
    [email protected]
    2. Complete Kids Against Hunger Group Registration Form
    3. Pick up your campaign kit (maps, nametags, flyers)
    4. Conduct food drive in your assigned area
    5. Deliver collected food to Interfaith Food Bank

    The Kids Against Hunger Campaign has been a youth initiative to benefit Interfaith Food Bank for many years, and a chance for local groups to show that kids really can make a difference in the lives of others in their communities. Please help us to make our 27th Annual Kids Against Hunger Campaign an event to remember, and an opportunity to give to those who need it most.

    For more information about Kids Against Hunger or questions about Interfaith Food Bank programs and services, please contact Robyn at 403-320-8779.


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