Municipal Address Revision – Canada Post Conversion


    Canada Post is currently in the process of converting from Rural Route (RR. Site. Comp) addressing to using municipal 911 addresses for future mailing addresses. These changes will affect residents in Lethbridge County in the near future.

    Residents affected by the initial phase of this project should have now received a letter from Canada Post asking for confirmation of their 911 address. The 911 address has been previously assigned to each residence or business and is indicated by the blue sign at the approach into the property.

    If a property has multiple residences, each residence will have been assigned a house/unit number. Where this exists, it is important to indicate this on the Canada Post form to ensure there are a sufficient amount of mailboxes allocated for each residence.

    Residents in Subdivisions

    Residences located in a subdivision typically do not have a blue sign and will have previously been assigned a house number by the County instead of a full rural address with primary numbers. Subdivisions affected by the Canada Post Conversion will receive a letter from Lethbridge County notifying a change of address has occurred.

    For example: 21 TWP RD 94C in Deerview Estates
    Current format: 21 TWP RD 94C
    Revised format: 21, 94066 RGE RD 214A

    The house number of the residence will remain the same, but the address will now include a full primary address. This revised format provides a unique address to each specific subdivision, allowing residents and service providers to better navigate to the subdivision. New primary address signs will be installed at each of the affected subdivisions by Lethbridge County.

    Immediately affected subdivisions include:

    Deerview Estates (RGE RD 214A)
    Myndio (HWY 843)
    Sunnyview Estates (HWY 843)
    Pater Subdivision (HWY 512)
    Ivins Subdivision (HWY 508)

    Residents who are unsure of their current or future address and need clarification are
    encouraged to contact the Lethbridge County Office at (403) 328-5525 after July 24th.


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