Lethbridge County Introduces Building Inspection Framework


    Effective Monday, July 17, 2017 Lethbridge County officially becomes accredited in the building, electrical, plumbing and gas disciplines under the Safety Codes Act. In partnership with Lethbridge County, Park Enterprises Ltd. will be the exclusive Safety Codes permitting agency for all developments within Lethbridge County.

    This new arrangement will ensure that proper development and construction permits have been issued and that buildings in the County are Code compliant. This information will also provide Fire Inspectors with vital safety-related building information.

    What does this mean to builders and developers?

    Lethbridge County’s Development Permit process is not changing. Once the County issues a Development Permit, builders and developers must simply contact Park Enterprises Ltd. to apply for the appropriate building, electrical, plumbing and gas permits, rather than applying to any alternate Building Permit issuing agency as was previously allowed.

    If more information is required, please contact Lethbridge County at 403-328-5525.


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