Local Priorities to be Championed by Provincial Business Network


    Representatives from the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce descended on Leduc in May 2017 to attend the annual Alberta Chambers of Commerce Policy Convention. At this convention, chambers from across the province work together to develop a slate of priorities for the provincial office to champion in Edmonton. The staff and board of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce then takes these marching orders and advocates for them to decision makers in the government.

    This year the Lethbridge Chamber took three policies to the convention that focus on building a more competitive environment for our local businesses. Our policy on Investing in Market Access for Southern Alberta Businesses recommends that the Government of Alberta invest in local rail, road, and air networks to help local businesses get their goods to new and existing markets more effectively. Our second policy Grown in Canada Label: Marketing Alberta’s Agri-food, recommends that the Province work with Federal policy makers to promote a voluntary grown-in-Canada label to help promote our agri-food products overseas. Finally, our policy titled Measuring the Effects of Increased Minimum Wages in Alberta calls on the Government to halt minimum wage increases until as system of metrics can be implemented to measure the impact of previous increases.

    We also supported a policy brought forward by Medicine Hat to advocate for the twinning of Highway 3, from Medicine Hat to the B.C. border.

    All of these policies were adopted by the Alberta Chambers of Commerce, meaning that they will now be championed by the united voice of thousands of business owners across the province.

    “One of the growing challenges our businesses face is remaining competitive in the face of accumulating costs. We need the Provincial Government to understand that costs need to come down for businesses. The Alberta Chambers of Commerce is an important partner in getting that message heard by the decision makers.” – Harry Gross, President of the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce

    “We need to persuade the province to pursue a regulatory environment that enables local businesses to remain competitive, and to prioritize the kind of infrastructure and trade policies that give our local businesses new and better opportunities. That’s what these policies are about, and now they are being endorsed by over 120 Albertan Chambers, and tens of thousands of Albertan businesses.” – Karla Pyrch, Executive Director of the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce.

    The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce
    The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce is The Voice of Business, promoting and enhancing a healthy economic and social environment in our region by serving the interests of business. We represent over 750 businesses and over 10,000 employees in the Lethbridge area.


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