First City to Approve Transgender Flag Crosswalk


    Lethbridge has become the first city in the world to approve plans to paint the colours of the transgender flag on a city crosswalk.

    On Monday, May 8, 2017, Lethbridge City Council voted 8-1 in favour of painting two temporary crosswalks; along with making the crosswalks permanent in future years. One in the rainbow flag colours, and one in the transgender flag colours.

    Lethbridge is often referred to as a conservative city, but this major decision shows it is an inclusive community.

    Painting the colours of the transgender flag shows that the city of Lethbridge recognizes, empathizes with and will fight for people in the transgender community.

    Lethbridge Pride Fest hopes this major step forward will encourage other cities around the world to raise their voices, and paint their streets for people in the transgender community.
    Painting dates have not yet been confirmed.

    For more information on this, or other Lethbridge Pride Fest events or sponsorship opportunities, please visit or contact Linda McFalls by calling 403-795-5703, or email [email protected]


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