Five Organizations Come Together to Recognize Apprenticeship Success


    Five trade related groups comprised of, the Canadian Home Builders Association Lethbridge Region (CHBA), the Lethbridge Construction Association (LCA), CAREERS: The Next Generation and both Lethbridge School District #51 and Holy Spirit Catholic Schools have come together to jointly recognize the efforts of local employers, employees and students in the Lethbridge area who are dedicated to improving awareness of skilled trades by giving deserving apprentices recognition and scholarships. In total, over 100 individuals were recognized for their success in trade studies. MLA West Shannon Phillips, Mayor Chris Spearman and Councillors Jeff Coffman & Rob Miyashiro attended to show support for those in the trades & MP Rachael Harder sent video greetings to show her encouragement and support for the apprentices & employers.

    Over 90 high school students received certificates of recognition & a gift card from Moxie’s Classic Grill and The Home Depot for completing the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP). RAP is a program for High School Students who are full time students & registered apprentices. Dividing their time between an approved work site and their high school studies the student, school and employer jointly agree on a suitable schedule. The RAP Apprenticeship ends when the RAP apprentice finishes high school and then is automatically registered as a regular apprentice and the credit earned while in the RAP Program is applied to his or her apprenticeship through the program.

    In addition to the graduated high school RAP students, over twenty financial scholarships totaling $14,000 were given to working apprentices of the CHBA and LCA member companies. These recipients are hard working individuals, most with families, who are working towards the final stages of a career in the trades.

    “The CHBA places significant importance on recognizing the accomplishments of Albertans who are pursuing construction related post-secondary education or apprenticeship programs.” Commented Angela Zuba, CEO of the CHBA. “We are all fully invested in supporting the thousands of skilled workers each year who build the communities we all live in and that can’t be trusted to just anyone; we want to ensure that everyone involved in building a community is fully trained, highly skilled and in front of new codes, trends and best practices.”

    Saroeun Keuth-Ray, Field Director – Lethbridge for CAREERS: The Next Generation commented, “CAREERS: The Next Generation has enjoyed the opportunity to connect with CHBA and LCA members and appreciates the support the associations have given in connecting Lethbridge youth to career exploration opportunities and celebrate their successes. Many employers and business have really gone above and beyond to support RAP and allow students to grow and learn.”

    “We have all heard the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”, and this couldn’t be more true of the collaboration of community for RAP students. The Holy Spirit School Division is eternally grateful for the support of our employers, parent community, Careers the Next Generation, the Alberta Apprenticeship Board, and the CHBA. These partnerships continually strive towards educating and investing in our youth who are passionate about a future in the trades.” Commented Devon Farrar, High School Off-Campus Education Coordinator for Holy Spirit Catholic Schools.

    “The Lethbridge Construction Association recognizes the importance of advanced education and supporting the construction trades. By supporting the apprenticeships through annual scholarships, we are investing in the future leaders of the local commercial construction industry. We appreciate the opportunity to honor our award recipients through this joint effort by LCA, CHBA and the school divisions.” Remarked Erin Low, Executive Director of the LCA.

    “Lethbridge School District thanks the RAP employers for not only hiring high school students who want to learn their trades, but above all, for teaching them the employability and trade skills necessary to become qualified journeymen. We thank parents and guardians for promoting these excellent career pathways, and the students for their willingness to work hard, take pride in their work, and learn.” Says Andrew Krul, Off-Campus Education (OCE) Coordinator on behalf of the OCE team.

    When people think about the skilled trades, several immediately spring to mind – electrician, plumber, welder, carpenter, for example. But opportunities in the skill trades are much more extensive and include opportunities from hairstylist to cook, painter to landscaper, automotive service technician to crane operator and more. The trades of today can be extremely technical, require a great deal of knowledge and lead to very successful futures.


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