University of Lethbridge Destination Project on track


    The University of Lethbridge Destination Project is on track for completion thanks to government’s continued capital investment in Budget 2017.

    The province is providing $65 million in 2017-18 for the initiative which is on target to open in fall 2019. In total, government is investing $247.7 million in the multi-year undertaking.

    The Destination Project includes construction of a new science and academic facility, campus infrastructure expansion and renewal of the University Hall. The work replaces the outdated and overcrowded science building on campus and allows the university to deliver competitive science programs and offer world-class research opportunities.

    “We are working to make life better for all Albertans. The Destination Project will not only support students, researchers and faculty but will also enrich the Lethbridge community. Citizens will have access to a centre that brings science to the community through resources for lifelong learning and meeting places.”

    Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks

    The Destination Project’s new science and academic building will provide additional teaching and research space and bring together students and faculty from across the science disciplines. It will also help students and researchers take their ideas from research to market by providing an incubation space for industry, entrepreneurs and investors.

    “The Science Academic Building, Destination Phase I, will be the focal point for science, teaching and research.  It will bring together students, faculty members, and community members to explore the boundaries of science and experience the excitement of leading edge, transdisciplinary research.”

    Andrew Hakin, Provost, University of Lethbridge

    “The Destination Project  will allow our students to utilize state of the art facilities throughout their studies, while simultaneously enabling greater collaboration between faculties. All University of Lethbridge students will feel the positive impact of the project through enriching their education and time at our institution.”

    Cameron Howey, President, University of Lethbridge Students’ Union

    Approximately 160 people are currently working on site in jobs created by the Destination Project. It is expected that as construction progresses the number of jobs created will increase to around 350 jobs.

    The University of Lethbridge project is one of 11 capital and planning projects for Alberta’s post-secondary system. Government will invest $734 million in these projects by 2020-21, plus an additional $676 million for capital maintenance and renewal.

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