New Process for Candidate Registration 2017 Municipal Election


    With the next municipal election less than nine months away, the City of Lethbridge is notifying candidates of the required registration process.

    Individuals interested in running for Mayor or City Council must file an application with the City’s Returning Officer before accepting or allocating any funds towards an election campaign. This is a requirement of the Local Authorities Election Act since the last municipal election. The application is available at the Office of the City Clerk or can be accessed online at

    Municipalities are required to maintain a register of candidates. The registry will be public information on the City of Lethbridge website. Candidates are responsible to notify the City within 48 hours of any changes to the information provided on their application. Once these changes are received, the City will adjust the register accordingly.

    The next municipal election will be held Monday, October 16, 2017.


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