Top 6 Articles of the Week: Feb. 10-16


Top Articles

This week’s top articles are up again! See what’s popular with our readers in Southern Alberta with this list. Connect with the perfect volunteer opportunity, or learn more about Chinook Regional Hospital’s new Ceremony Room for traditional healing and family practices. Whatever might interest you about our diverse community, there’s something in our Top 6 articles that’ll grab your attention.

1) Lethbridge History

Southern Albertans sure love to take in the history of our region. This issue’s Scapes article looks at the early bottling plants of Lethbridge. Where were they? What kinds of soft drinks did we produce? Learn more with this week’s number one article!


2) Traditional Healing & Modern Medicine Collide

Indigenous patients at Chinook Regional Hospital can now access a ceremony room located in the new wing of the hospital adding new meaning to patient care. Patients can access traditional healing methods and cultural practices during their stay at the hospital. Check out this top article to see how traditional healing and modern medicine can complement each other.


3) Family Month

Celebrate Family Month with Lethbridge Family Services! Visit any of the participating businesses in this popular article to help raise funds for LFS programs and services. Read more to see why family is so important, and how you can get involved.


4) Human Voice Drive

Volunteer Lethbridge, CKXU, and the Students Union at the University of Lethbridge partnered to establish a Voice Drive at the U of L through January and February. There are many people around the world who have lost their voice or ability to speak without the help of a machine. This voice drive, with the help of VocaliD relies on people to donate their voice to the cause. See how you can get involved and give someone their voice back.


5) Volunteerism

Volunteers help make up a huge portion of our economy. In Canada, volunteerism equates to about one million full time jobs in a year. Volunteers sit on non-profit boards, help run our soup kitchens and provide many other services to our community. Connect with Volunteer Lethbridge in this popular article to learn not only about the impact you can have, but they endless ways you can get involved!


6) One more thing…

You’ve probably heard 98.1 The Bridge’s, Jay Herrington, obsess over the bachelor weekday mornings on the radio. Well he also has a column in Lethbridge living! Read And Another Thing… to see what lessons Jay’s learned from his kids, and some of the goals he’s made for 2017 now that the new year is underway!


As always, thanks for bringing Lethbridge living into your homes and businesses. Check in next week for more Top Articles!


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