Top 6 Articles of the Week: Feb 3 – 9


Another interesting week for Southern Alberta! In our area residents are working to help those in need through various community-driven initiatives, and an article for Alberta Health suggests that we should pay attention to our environments if we are to make healthier choices as adults. There’s no shortage of things to talk about in the community, so check out the Top 6 Articles of the Week to see what’s popular with our readers.

Local Commentary

One of this week’s popular articles is Slaughterhouse Slough by Eric Dyck. This local cartoon comic highlights Eric’s observations and experiences living in Lethbridge and Southern Alberta. Check out this issue’s edition to see why our readers love it so much!


Let’s Talk

While Bell Let’s Talk Day is over, Southern Albertans are still keeping the conversation going! This popular article looks at Bell’s partnership with St. John Ambulance and its contribution to help St. John integrate mental health components into First Aid training programs.


A Need to Feed

There are many people in our area who struggle to make ends meet. Amanda Bauer’s story illustrates the impact a person can make on a community, and how quickly an initiative such as The Feed The Need Project can spread. Even since our January/February issue was published, has received even more interest, feedback and growth. See how you can get involved with this top article.


Another Thing

98.1 The Bridge’s Jay Herrington brings his sense of humour to the magazine with his column, And Another Thing… This issue he talks about New Year’s resolutions and lessons he’s learned from his kids. If you haven’t already, check out this popular article to see what Jay has to say.


Let’s Celebrate

2017 is a big deal for us Canadians! Everywhere you go it seems someone has something big planned to celebrate the Sesquicentennial (spelling it is one thing, saying it is another). In 1967, for Canada’s 100, Southern Alberta went all out. You can still see the evidence in our communities of the celebrations from 50 years ago. Check out this popular article by Belinda Crowson to get pumped for this year’s festivities.


A Healthy Environment

Lastly, this popular articles looks at the effects of our environments on our physical and mental health. We live in a world where we are surrounded by unhealthy options from convenient meals, to convenience stores. For a lot of us, fresh produce or healthier options aren’t necessarily a part of our environment and that makes it hard for individuals to make healthy choices.

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