Canada 150 for 150 Challenge


With 2017 marking Canada’s 150th birthday, there won’t be a shortage of celebrations, special events and stories of our history to take in. Across Canada municipalities and organizations are well into preparation for the goings-on of the year.

On December 5, 2016 (National Volunteer Day) Volunteer Ottawa announced the launch of the Canada 150 for 150 Volunteer Challenge, a campaign inviting volunteer organizations and individuals across Canada to donate 150 hours of service in celebration of its anniversary.

“What builds a healthy, strong community? I think volunteerism opens up a universe of opportunity to impact change through community development,” explains Diana Sim, Executive Director of Volunteer Lethbridge, “It changes the individual as well as the community.”

Volunteerism has been a strong Canadian value since before Canada’s confederation. Without the work of volunteers many organizations would cease to function and communities would suffer without the services offered by the non-profit sector. In our country alone, volunteerism accounts for one million full-time jobs.

Volunteers who have contributed the most hours in each province and territory will be invited to Ottawa next year for a special recognition ceremony. You can even download the Canada 150 for 150 mobile app to track your hours, and share your volunteer experiences with others across the country.

“If we took away the volunteers from the city of Lethbridge, what would that look like? [Volunteerism is about] building connections and empowering individuals and organizations to enhance volunteerism and really grow that volunteer capacity. Let’s really celebrate the impact of volunteerism in the city!” says Diana.

To connect with a volunteer opportunity visit: or call (403) 332-4320. Check out the article on Volunteer Lethbridge in our January/February issue!

For more information on the national volunteer challenge visit:



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