Poll Question: do you think more women should be encouraged to run for and elected to public office?


In late 2016, the Alberta government launched its Ready for Her initiative, and information sessions where held throughout the province aimed at encouraging women to run for local office.

According to the initiative’s website, “During the 2013 municipal election, Albertans elected 490 women out of a possible 1,874 municipal positions. Women hold an average of 26% of elected seats in municipal politics. The United Nations has found women should hold 30% of elected seats for a government to reflect women’s concerns.”

In the 2013 municipal election, 8 out of the 29 candidates who ran for the position of city councillor were women, and Lethbridge residents elected Liz Iwaskiw to council. Bridget Mearns was later elected in the 2014 by-election, bringing our local average to 22%.

What do you think?

Do you think more women should be encouraged to run for and be elected to public office? Yes? No? Why or why not?

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Your thoughts to appear in our March/April issue.


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