Top 16 Articles of 2016


Well another year comes to a close, and was 2016 ever an interesting one! From city-wide development and trades projects, to the stories of our rich history, there was no shortage of articles to read or events to take in. In celebration of New Year’s, we thought we would take a look at the year in review with the Top 16 Articles of 2016. We look forward to sharing even more stories with you in the coming year.

We wish you a safe and happy holiday, from the staff at Lethbridge living.

Haunted Happenings: 6 Southern Alberta Ghost Stories

These Southern Alberta ghost stories were popular with our readers this fall. Enjoy this series of six stories that not only look at our history, but get the blood pumping and the spine-tingling. You can spot these spooky places in the city and some of our rural communities. Check it out!

Ghost Stories Part 1
Ghost Stories Part 2

Lethbridge Expected to Outperform Wider Provincial Economy

Earlier this year, the Conference Board of Canada released its Mid-Sized Cities Outlook Report. This top article looks at the findings from the report and how Lethbridge’s economy is doing better than many other communities in the province. Learn more about GDP        growth in various sectors.


Tour of Alberta

Perhaps one of the biggest events of the year was Lethbridge’s spot on the Tour of Alberta map. The city was buzzing with the excitement of family cycling events and Galt Gardens celebrations leading up to the race. This article was extremely popular as Lethbridge residents waited in anticipation for the big day.


DMT Mechanical Invests in Community

Lethbridge College put a lot of work into its Trades and Technology Facility this year with the help of local businesses like DMT Mechanical who made a large contribution towards the cost of this new facility.  This popular article takes a look at DMT’s gift, and the classroom it has helped to complete.


A River Runs Through It

In Lethbridge’s earliest days, people settled near the first coalmines in the river valley. Before Whoop-Up Drive was built, Nicholas Sheran developed a ferry crossing where the Highway 3 Bridge currently sits.  This popular article takes a look at our relationship with the river and how it helped shaped the city we know today.


Why Build a Bridge?

The Slaughterhouse Slough by Eric Dyck is always popular with our readers. This particular edition that appeared in our January/February issue was the most-read Slaughterhouse Slough of the year! Find yourself amused by this alternative to the third bridge.


Identity Thief

Every year in Canada the number of identity thefts increases. This popular article from our March/April issue outlines the strategies you can use to keep yourself protected. In light of the recent furnace scam in our area it might be good idea to freshen up on economic crime!


Meet Environment Lethbridge

 Established in 2014, Environment Lethbridge has since been dedicated to helping and educating Lethbridge residents to reduce, reuse and recycle. This article looks at how you can get involved and why it’s important. Go green with this top story.


Canadian Olympian, Clara Hughes

The University of Lethbridge welcomed Olympic athlete and mental health advocate, Clara Hughes, to their annual scholarship breakfast in September. Read this top article to learn more about Pronghorn Athletics scholarships and its importance, as well as the career of this esteemed Olympian.


The Battle Against Elm Scale

It wasn’t all roses this year though – The City of Lethbridge, along with private citizens and groups, waged war against pesky little bugs in an effort to save Lethbridge trees! Check out this top article to see the damage that European Elm Scale can cause to our trees and the efforts made by the community to keep them healthy.


And Another Thing…

It was an exciting year for Lethbridge living too. 98.1 The Bridge’s, Jay Herrington, began writing a new column for the magazine. This popular article offers Jay’s comedic commentary on Southern Alberta life with kids in tow. Check it out and see what he had to say in the first edition of his column: And Another Thing…


Youth in Action

The Youth Advisory Council has been bridging the gap between youth concerns and the City for nearly a decade. It is important for government officials to consider the youth when making decisions that affect generations to come. Read this popular article to see why it is important that the youth voice is considered in political affairs and how you can get involved!


 How Does Your Community Garden Grow?

Lethbridge sure loves its citizen-driven initiatives! Take a look at this top article to find a community garden near you and what they’re all about. They say nothing tastes better than produce you’ve grown yourself, and with the growing popularity of these gardens in Lethbridge, “they” just might be on to something!


7 Winter Activities for You to Try

We were off to a great start here in Southern Alberta this winter weren’t we? That being said, you wouldn’t be able to get out there and try these winter activities if hadn’t snowed. There is still a lot of joy to be had in the cold, so check out this popular article that highlights some positives of a huge dump of snow.


 U of L Golden Jubilee Awards

The Faculty of Arts & Science at the University of Lethbridge was one of the founding faculties of the institution. In light of its 50th Anniversary in 2017, the faculty has found a way to celebrate with these major scholarships. Be sure to read this popular article to learn more about these awards and see how you might be eligible for application.


 Transit Boost

Earlier in December 2016, the City of Lethbridge received major funding for transit operations from both the Federal and Provincial levels. Officials intend to use the funds to build a transit terminal to help rid the downtown area of traffic congestion. Check out this popular article to learn more about the changes happening with transit in the city.



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