Can Man Dan visits Lethbridge to Benefit Interfaith Food Bank


    Dan Johnstone has been working to defeat poverty and feeding the hungry since 2011. He created Can Man Dan and the Freezing Cold Winter Campout to support food banks in their attempts to address hunger needs in communities across Alberta.Interfaith Food bank is very excited to have Can Man Dan travelling to Lethbridge from Edmonton to conduct a food drive for us at Fairmont Safeway on the weekend of December 16-18, 2016. Can Man Dan has done several large scale food drives in Edmonton, Calgary and other cities where he camps out in the food bank truck until it is filled with non-perishable foods for local food banks.

    As part of his Tour of Alberta in 2015, Can Man Dan made a stop in Lethbridge and his efforts brought in many cash donations, and over 7600 pounds of food for Interfaith Food Bank, totaling over $20,000 in proceeds. Interfaith Food Bank is honored to have been approached by him to fund-raise on their behalf again this year and want to encourage community members to stop in to see Can Man Dan, make a donation of food or funds, and to encourage him as he camps out for such a great cause.

    In his recent announcement to Facebook followers, Can Man Dan says “It’s no secret that 2016 has been a tough year for everybody, and food banks across Alberta are REALLY feeling the pressure. Nothing makes me more sad than seeing the empty shelves in all of these food banks and knowing that there are families out there who are struggling to keep food on their tables. The economy has not been the greatest in recent years, and the rising number of food bank users indicate that people are definitely struggling and could use the assistance, which is why I feel it is my responsibility (as someone fortunate enough to still have a steady income) to do my part for those in need. I am once again pleased to be partnering with the Canada Safeway/Sobeys group to host another Tour Of Alberta! Over the next 5 weeks I will be camping out in the blistering cold to raise as much food, money and awareness as I can for people in need and do what I can to stock empty food bank shelves. I HOPE YOU’LL JOIN ME ON MY QUEST! ”

    Interfaith Food Bank would like to thank our sponsors, Canada Safeway/Sobeys and Holiday Inn for lending support to this great event.

    Food Drive Details:
    Campout Begins at Fairmont Safeway at 9am on Friday, December 16th. Can Man Dan will campout in the Interfaith Food Bank truck until 6pm, Sunday December 18th.

    All proceeds to Interfaith Food Bank Society of Lethbridge

    For more information on Can Man Dan, visit or find him on Facebook.

    For more information on Interfaith Food Bank, visit or call 403-320-8779.


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