CHBA-Lethbridge Region Celebrate Long-standing Members and College Home Project


    On the evening of December 8, 2016 the Canadian Home Builders’ Association Lethbridge Region held a special volunteer appreciation night where President Angela Cornforth was pleased to deliver awards for outstanding leadership in the industry and community as well as announce the 5th year of the College Home Project featuring Stranville Living, a local home builder, stepping up to lead the project’s final year in 2017.

    In early 2013, CHBA and Lethbridge College announced the beginning of the College Home Project where CHBA builder members partner with trades and suppliers to build up to 10 homes over five years with the proceeds from sales donated to the new trades and technologies facility at Lethbridge College.

    “It’s been truly incredible to be a part of an industry who takes such pride in leading not only in innovation but in philanthropy and truly leading by example. Our members know without a doubt that in order for great building practices to be sustained, it takes top notch training. The Association and members are very pleased with the success of the program and look forward to seeing the completed Lethbridge College facility.” Remarked Angela Cornforth, CHBA LR President.

    Dell Mathews, General Manager of Stranville Living commented, “Stranville Living Master Builder and their trade and supplier partners were honoured to participate in Year Two of the College Home project and have enjoyed watching this unique partnership progress into its final year. It was without hesitation that when a builder was needed for the fifth and final year, we jumped at the opportunity to do it all again. Being able to support Lethbridge College while representing the local home building industry fits seamlessly into the core values of our company and provides an excellent opportunity to give back while promoting the training of future tradespeople. Our industry employs hundreds of families right here in Lethbridge and the economic impact that residential and commercial construction provides can only be bolstered by having access to a high quality training facility, such as Lethbridge College. We look forward to a strong finish in the final year of this program, as well as the future benefits of this partnership through the access to skilled tradespeople.”

    Over 300 different companies involved in residential construction have participated in the project since the 2013 inception, with several donating to every project. The importance of securing well trained, professional next generation home builders is critical for the success of a vibrant City and CHBA members are dedicated to making sure that happens with donations for this project reaching over $600,000 to date.

    “It’s terrific to have a builder like Stranville Living see the value of this partnership and return to lead the project for a second time,” says Lethbridge College President and CEO Dr. Paula Burns. “Opening up the build to smaller contractors, many of whom are college alumni who want to give back, is very heartening and is a perfect way to complete the five-year College Home partnership.”

    Details on the project can be found at:


    Andrew Hendry of PlyGem was awarded Rookie of the Year status as a new volunteer of the Association who has fully immersed himself in committees and event volunteerism. Andrew is also a safety steward for the Association and represents Lethbridge members at the Provincial Level.

    Wes Carroll of Empire Homes Ltd. was awarded Member of the Year status as a long time volunteer who has climbed the ranks on the Board of Directors all the way to President, supports trades training through several programs including the 2016 College Home Build and continues to support the industry by volunteering on tasks forces,
    committees and through provincial initiatives like Team Lethbridge.

    Bruce Galts of Galko Homes Master Builder was awarded Hall of Fame, the most prestigious award given by CHBA Lethbridge for his outstanding, long time efforts to build and sustain not only a vibrant housing industry but a vibrant community as a whole. The list of Bruce Galts’ achievements is long and include being the local CHBA and Provincial CHBA President, Chair of the Alberta New Home Warranty Board, past Chair of the Chamber of Commerce, member of the Senate at the U of L, current Board member at Exhibition Park plus countless hours spent championing competitive business practices in housing and development and is also a true mentor for all industry members.


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