Round Table Contest Winners


Here is the list of winners from this week’s Round Table Board Gamerie contest!Thanks to everyone who took part in the contest. Make sure to keep following us on Twitter and Facebook for a chance to win this week’s contest. Winners announced Dec. 19, 2016!

Privately message us through Twitter or Facebook, or email [email protected] for pick-up details!

Facebook Winners:

Karrie O’connor McCormick

Heather McIntyre

Victoria Jane

Ariel Comstock

Vanessa Kwok

Corley Farough

Cheryl Weisgerber Allen

Brett Sheriden

Hannah Lee

Kelaine Devine

Rebecca Moeller

Gordon James

Elisabeth Hegerat

Miranda Lait

Twitter Winners:







Some of the Twitter handles and Facebook names are not working correctly, so if you see your name or handle on this list and we did NOT contact you, please email: [email protected].


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