Galt Gardens Master Plan – online survey


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    Originally designed to be a public park at the center of the city, Galt Gardens has served as a community gathering space since Lethbridge was first incorporated.

    As Lethbridge nears 100,000 people, we are developing a vision for Galt Gardens to ensure that it remains a destination in the Downtown.

    The Galt Gardens Master Plan will look to:

    • Encourage people to spend time in the park
    • Ensure user safety and enjoyment
    • Enhance the diversity of park amenities in order to appeal to all potential users
    • Enrich the Lethbridge urban forest
    • Exemplify the most up-to-date sustainable practices in park design and upkeep

    Residents are invited to share their thoughts on the future development of the park through an online survey. Let us know how you currently interact with Galt Gardens and what enhancements would make the park more desirable in the future. The survey will take only a few minutes to complete and will remain open until Friday, September 16.

    For more information about the project or to complete the survey online visit


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