City school bus safety tips for motorists and students


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    Each day, City of Lethbridge school buses transport more than 4,900 students to and from school. By working together we can ensure that every student gets to school and home safely.

    Within Lethbridge, school buses do not use eight-way flashers when stopped for students to enter and exit the bus. This practice was designed for use on rural roads and has proven less effective in urban settings. For their safety, students in Lethbridge are encouraged to exit the bus onto the sidewalk and only cross the street at the nearest intersection or marked crosswalk.

    Here are some safety tips for motorists and students around school buses:


    • Slow down when passing any stopped school bus
    • Be alert when driving through intersections or crosswalks near stopped school buses
    • Remember that the speed limit is 30 km/h in all school zones on school days
    • Although eight-way flashers are not used on school buses within Lethbridge, they are used in Lethbridge County – motorist must stop behind County school buses when lights are flashing


    • Exit the school bus directly onto the sidewalk beside the bus
    • Do not cross the street in front of or behind the school bus
    • Cross the street only at intersections or marked crosswalks, even if this is not the most direct route home
    • Be alert and cautious when crossing the street

    More information on school bus safety, route maps and schedules is available at:


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