Top 6 Articles August 26 – September 1


top 6 Aug26 sep1

Businesses and individuals in Southern Alberta are always doing something interesting. From engaging in philanthropic activities to revolutionizing irrigation and agricultural practices many of this week’s top articles highlight what some groups are up to. Let the City know what you feel about our transit system and join the conversation, or learn about Lethbridge’s car racing history. There is always a lot to learn about the area in which we live, and we’ve got you covered with the top 6 articles of the week.

The science of irrigation: The Lethbridge region is surrounded by irrigated land and is rich in agriculture. This top article explores Lethbridge College’s first Mueller Applied research Chair – Dr. Willemijn Appels – and her endeavours to enhance practical scientific applications in the irrigated agriculture sector of our region. See how she has partnered with the college to develop enhanced standards of the industry.

More on irrigation & agriculture in Southern Alberta

Back-to-school donations: The kids are getting ready to head back to school, and that means parents will be school shopping. In an effort to support families during this time, the Interfaith Food Bank and other local agencies are seeking donations to lighten the load of these back-to-school  costs. From school supplies to healthy snacks, organization in the city are working to ensure kids are eating good lunches and have what they need for class.

See how you can help

The beaten path: Summer may be winding down, but there is still a lot of nice weather ahead! This top article looks at 10 Southern Alberta spots to explore and you may be able to squeeze some of them in this September! Some of these spots are only minutes away from Lethbridge or free to visit. Try something new with these off the beaten path locations.

Venture off the path

Serving community: KB Heating & Air Conditioning has served Southern Alberta for nearly 35 years. The community has helped to grow its business and the company believes in giving back. This popular article looks at some of its initiatives in Lethbridge and area, and what the company is doing to help the community that has supported it through the years.

The power of helping community

The master plan: The City of Lethbridge wants to hear your thoughts on the Transit Master Plan. In an effort to receive your feedback the City has launched an online forum. On top of face-to-face community engagement sessions, the online forum provides Lethbridge residents with 24/7 access to the plan for review. See how you can affect transit within our community for years to come.

Get involved in the process

The checkered flag: The first automobile club in Southern Alberta started in 1907. The first car landed in Lethbridge in 1903. Our car racing history is more than 100 years old! This top article looks at the history behind our love of cars and car racing. See what you learn about early Lethbridge.

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