Countdown to The Word On The Street: The Heiligen Effect, Richard Stevenson


    stevenson effect

    written by Amanda Berg

    Richard Stevenson’s collection of haiku and descriptive prose offers a snapshot of ordinary, remarkable and notable subjects experienced from the alleys of Nigeria to the end of a dragon boat paddle at Henderson Lake. Introspective, witty and charming, Richard’s selection of haiku poetry capture the essence of nature, the stings of sorrow, and the pleasures of his day-to-day world.

    Using the preferred medium of haiku, senryu, tanka, kyoka, zappai, haibun and haikai-like linked stanzas, the poems of The Heiligen Effect diarize Richard’s observations of the seasons and the birds, his voyeuristic views at South Country Fair and even the consequences of his daschund’s inhalation of inedibles. The smells, sounds and colours are tangible for the reader – read either as two or three-line stand-alone stanzas or as a set of poems from page to page – offering a sensory and at times empathetic and humourous perspective towards the juxtapositions of the writer’s subject material.

    Richard asks the question, “If the old cliché, a picture is worth a thousand words, is correct, then what happens when you play with the apertures of language a thousand times to adjust the images?” The result is a kaleidoscope of imagery, allowing the audience to dive inside the poet’s head and look through his eyes.

    The Heiligen Effect by Richard Stevenson, 80 pages, soft cover, was published by Ekstasis Editions in November 2015.

    Richard Stevenson will be at The Word On The Street Lethbridge on September 24, 2016.


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