Top 6 Articles August 19 – 25


Top 6 Articles August 19

With the sudden change in weather and the shortening of the days, Lethbridge and area prepare for Autumn. There are many exciting events, initiatives and facilities getting ready launch or reopen as summer peters out. From the Tour of Alberta, to afterschool programs, we’ve got you covered and in the know with these Top 6 articles of the week!


The power of engaging youth: As summer comes to a close, and school starts up again Youth One will be offering their afterschool drop-in programs! There is a place where the youth of our city can go, hang out, make new friends, or find someone to talk to. Learn more about Youth One, the services they offer Lethbridge’s young citizens and how you can get involved!

Join the movement

KB is community: KB Heating and Air Conditioning has served Lethbridge and area for nearly 35 years. Our community has helped their company to grow through the years, and now they are giving back. Read this top article to see what they have achieved for our community to make it a better place for everyone.

More on KB’s community involvement

World-class cycling: Cyclists from all over the world come for the Tour of Alberta, and we are hosting Stage 1 right here in Lethbridge! There’s a lot going on in the city leading up to the big event, as well as the big festival in Galt Gardens the day of. See what the City has been doing to prepare for the pro cycling festival with this top article.

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The word is: As Lethbridge prepares for the Word on the Street festival at the end of September, we too at Lethbridge living are counting down the days! A celebration of Canadian writers and their work, Word on the Street gives them the opportunity to showcase their talents at the Lethbridge Public Library. Our recent feature is All the Feels, by Danika Stone, a local authour. Check out this review by Amanda Berg and don’t forget to join us at Word on the Street September 24!

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A growing trend: A new food movement is sprouting in Southern Alberta, as more and more people aim to get away from processed foods and back to fresh goods. This top article looks at community gardens in Lethbridge and their growing popularity. Learn how to get involved and start planning for next year’s season – it’s easier than you might think!

Plant the seed

What’s new with the Slough: Eric Dyck has been a Lethbridge resident for a couple years now. With his comic Slaughterhouse Slough, he comments on the life and times of Southern Alberta living. This top article is not so much an article as a top comic and it is here for your enjoyment. Check out this issue’s Slaughterhouse Slough and keep an eye for the September/October issue for the next comic!

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