Countdown to Word on the Street: Danika Stone, All the Feels



    written by Amanda Berg

    College student, Liv Walden is devastated when her favourite movie hero, Spartan, is tragically killed off in the newest blockbuster, Starveil Five. A fan girl to the core, Liv agonizes over the plot twist, and decides to bring Spartan back to life in series of online fan videos with the help of her friend Xander. As the videos go viral and online fame begins to shift her focus away from her coursework, Liv needs to make some decisions and take some risks to keep Spartan alive, to overcome insecurities and to live out her dreams.

    A coming of age novel for Generation Y, All The Feels peels back the layers of insecurity and inner turmoil of a young lady trying to make her way through the modern world. Despite awkward facepalm moments, Liv is a heroine who knows that in order to move forward she must take some risks. Some succeed, and others fail miserably, but despite the obstacles, she finds her way to Dragon Con and discovers the girl she is and who she wants to be.

    Author, Danika Stone weaves a story that pays homage to heroines like Elizabeth Bennett or Bridget Jones, but keeps the language fresh and submerges the reader into the world of fandom and con. It’s a culture that doesn’t discriminate age, gender or social status; an example of inclusiveness, based on the love for all things nerd. As Liv maneuvers her way through the Dragon Con crowds, she finds some friends along the way and finds love where she once thought was impossible.

    All the Feels by Danika Stone, 336 pages, soft cover, was published by Swoon Reads in June 2016.

    Danika Stone will be at The Word on the Street Lethbridge on September 24, 2016.


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