Direction set for the future of Royal View neighbourhood


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    City Council approved, July 25, 2016, a new Area Structure Plan (ASP) providing the framework for the long-term development of the Royal View area in north Lethbridge. Royal View spans approximately 395 hectares north of the current Lethbridge neighbourhoods of Legacy Ridge, Hardieville and Blackwolf.

    “The approval of the ASP is the first step in the creation of the future Royal View development,” says Deputy Mayor, Blaine Hyggen, “Even though this community might not be completed for decades, now is the time to be thinking about and planning for that growth. That includes infrastructure needs, financing, and looking at how it fits in with the rest of our City development.”

    Rich in history, this area was once the town of Royal View that peaked at a population of 400. It was also the site of the Royal View Mine from 1923-1942. Today, the majority of the Royal View area is agriculture based.

    “The Royal View ASP outlines the City’s expectations for future developers,” says Councillor Ryan Parker. “This is important so we can make sure we are reaching the goals we have for City development and we are aligned with other overarching planning strategies.”

    The goals of the Royal View ASP are to create a community that includes a variety of housing options, parks and open space, considers the environment and community needs and provides connectivity to the rest of the city. The complete build-out of the development is expected to take 40-50 years and would eventually be home to over 16,000 Lethbridge residents.


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