Top 6 Articles July 1 – 7



We’re having an interesting summer in Southern Alberta thus far! Check out the Top 6 articles from this week and see what’s going on in our community. You never know what you might learn about the city.  

Welcome Home: More than 150 Syrian Refugees have arrived in Lethbridge since January of this year. In order to help them feel at home here and make the transition easier, the Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta has given a grant to Lethbridge Family Services. The goal is to help create an inclusive community.

More on the use of this grant


YMCA free for youth: Canadian kids might not be getting enough exercise! As of July 1, 2016 the YMCA is offering free summer membership to teens in the community to encourage healthy and active living in Lethbridge youth.

More details on the free membership


Postal Strike: It is still up in the air as to whether Canada Postal Workers will go on strike. For now, they City of Lethbridge has made some proactive recommendations regarding payments as residents deal with uncertainty.

More on City of Lethbridge suggestions


The battle continues:  Lethbridge residents as well as the City are still engaged in combat against European Elm Scale. You may have seen your tree being treated in the past couple of weeks. Read this popular article and see how you can spot EES and help your trees.

More on treating YQL trees


The countdown begins:  In anticipation of the Word on the Street festival coming up September 24, 2016, works by local will be showcased as the countdown continues. Don’t miss out on the exciting talent Lethbridge and Southern Alberta has to offer, and check out this popular article highlighting a novel by D.K. Stone.

More on this week’s countdown


The new station:  There’s been a lot of buzz around this popular article. Read up on the new south recycling station. Better yet – go check it out! They’ll even take yard clippings!

More on south side recycling


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