Update of Westminster Area Redevelopment Plan begins


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    Westminster residents can expect to see City planning staff in their neighbourhood gathering information and photographs as part of a much-need update of the 31-year-old redevelopment plan for the area.

    “An area redevelopment plan is meant to guide redevelopment in mature areas of the city in a way that respects the values and character of the neighbourhood,” says Mike Wilk, Community Planner for the City of Lethbridge. “Westminster has a unique character that we hope to preserve and enhance through this process.” 

    The original Westminster Area Redevelopment Plan was adopted by City Council in 1985. The first phase of the plan update is the neighbourhood assessment currently underway to determine how much the character and condition of the homes in the area have changed since the early 1980s.

    Once this initial phase is completed, community consultations will be held to develop a vision for the updated plan. Once the vision is clearly defined, guiding principles and policies will be developed through neighbourhood workshops. After further refinement, a draft plan will be shared publicly, from which feedback gathered and considered in preparing a final draft plan to present to City Council for approval.

    Project updates and opportunities for public feedback will be posted at: www.lethbridge.ca/warp.


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