Re-opening of 43 street south to connect neighbourhoods


    43 street paving project

    City Council approved the paving and re-opening of a section of 43 street south which will alleviate existing access concerns in the Southgate and Fairmont neighbourhoods. Paving this roadway which runs east of Mayor Magrath Drive and south of Highway 4 is supported by the recently approved South East Area Structure Plan (SEASP).

    In March 2012, City Council voted to close access on 43 street from Southgate Boulevard to Fairmont Gate in order to manage traffic flows, patterns of movement and community expectations, while facilitating the continued development of the Southgate area.

    “Now that we have the long term planning in place, we feel comfortable and confident that paving and re-opening this section of 43 street will have a positive impact on the surrounding communities,” says Mayor Chris Spearman.

    As part of the SE ASP, traffic analysis was completed providing evidence for making the change. The plan also incorporates a design concept for a grid based transportation network allowing for greater connectivity in southeast Lethbridge. The 43 street connection will help with traffic flow in the short term while neighbourhoods develop and additional roadways are put in place which will offer a longer term solution. 

    “A lot has changed in the area since 2012,” says Councillor Rob Miyashiro, chair of the Municipal Planning Commission. “We know the traffic demands continue to increase but we also now have a long term vision in place and traffic research that shows this is a viable option.”

    A contractor will be hired to complete the paving work which is anticipated to take place over the summer months with the roadway to re-open in late summer or early fall. This project will be funded through the graveled roadway upgrading project.


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