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    Lethbridge Family Services

    To many people, 30 years does not seem like a long time. However, when those 30 years are taken in the context of providing essential supports and services to individuals with disabilities, 30 years can be a lifetime of growth, opportunities and successes. This is the story of the DaCapo program at Lethbridge Family Services as they celebrate 30 years of existence within the agency and community. Originally started as a pilot project for day services, the program has expanded to offer supports and services to individuals with developmental disabilities, brain injuries, and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Every year, the program helps close to 300 individuals improve their quality of life and well-being by providing support and education around employment/volunteer opportunities, social and life skills, and community inclusion. These individuals become contributing members of the community through a variety of partnerships and programs. Since the program was started, over 5 million hours of service have been provided in Southern Alberta through the DaCapo program.

    LFS DaCapo program celebrates 30 years.

    “We are so proud of our DaCapo program and for the support they provide to a group of citizens that are some of the most amazing people you will ever meet” says Sandra Mintz, CEO of Lethbridge Family Services. “The growth of this program and the quality of support provided is outstanding and we are excited to celebrate 30 years and plan on another 30 years.”

    The name DaCapo was chosen from the Italian musical term which means “repeat from the beginning”. The team feels the name is fitting as repetition can be important for the staff and clients that work within the program at LFS. DaCapo has evolved greatly over the last 30 years and includes numerous benefits and opportunities. You can find clients from DaCapo learning new life skills, employment skills, working full or part time, volunteering in the community, or enjoying a variety of pursuits that LFS and other partners in the community offer. In addition to the above, DaCapo also provides: FASD diagnosis and intervention services through the only FASD clinic in Southwestern Alberta; opportunities for individuals in continuing care to be involved in the community; as well as supports for individuals that fall through the “cracks” and provide opportunities to be included in their community.

    “I am so proud of the staff that work in DaCapo and for the commitment they show to our clients, “says Dianne Kotkas, DaCapo Director, “we are also grateful for our clients and their families who entrust us to support their family members and help them grow and flourish as individuals.”


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