Galt Museum & Archives to Build Monument to the Galts


    galt statue

    The Galt Museum & Archives is placing a monument to the Galts on the museum property for the 150th anniversary of Confederation.  The intention is to provide information about Sir Alexander Galt and his son, Elliott to our community and visitors.  The Galt intends the statue to engage and interact with the visitor, using this monument as a teaching tool.

    A committee reviewed, deliberated and selected  the submission from artist Robert Dey. His sculpture features two life-size bronze figures of Elliot and Alexander are caught in conversation with one another. The finished sculpture will find its permanent home on the traffic island to the east of the 1910 Galt Hospital building.

    Lethbridge owes its existence and early development to the Galts and their companies.  Sir Alexander Galt was a Father of Confederation and the first Finance Minister of Canada.  He started many business enterprises in the Lethbridge area. Elliott Galt was the Father of Lethbridge, residing and working here from the 1880s to 1908.  He was involved the development of coal mining, railways, and irrigation. 


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